Travels, colors, emotions, natural and local materials, recycling, mix of cultures, design, sustainability and fair price. All these features define Mau Loa, which favors craftsmanship and fabrics from other continents (South America, Africa and Asia).

Mau Loa’s goal is to search and to locate the best products and materials in their original production environment; then to set up a solidarity chain including native craftsmen in the process; and finally to embrace small handmade defects as part of each product’s uniqueness.

Traditional fabrics of different shapes and colors, uncommon materials and textures, buffed ornaments and beads from remote cultures, are carefully selected to create clothing, bags, baskets, hats, as well as a home line: blankets, pillows, towels, tablecloths… All of Mau Loa’s creations form a personal look that can be defined as both ethnic and bohemian.

The laboratory of ideas and heart of this tiny family business is located in Madrid, whereas its founder and figurehead, Maria de la Orden, 23, lives between her hometown and Paris.

And finally, why Mau Loa? Because of the journey it entails, a trip or the illusion of one without a return ticket: in Hawaiian, Mau Loa means « forever ».